Slow and steady wins the race

Car speed control is crucial for safe and efficient driving. It's hard to argue with that.

Speeding occurs on the roads frequently and for various reasons:

  • People may be running late, and in such situations where every minute counts, their foot instinctively presses the accelerator to the floor.

  • Some drivers feel more confident and in control when they drive above the speed limit. They may believe they can better handle potential obstacles on the road or quickly react to dangerous situations. 

  • In some cases, drivers may not even realize how fast they're going, especially if the road is exceptionally smooth and their minds are preoccupied, preventing them from focusing on the speedometer. In such cases, the signal from the speed control on car brings them back to the "here and now."

  • It also happens that the overall traffic flow tends to exceed the speed limit.

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Does this mean that driving slower is always better and that speed control for cars should solely aim to slow down the flow of vehicles? 

Absolutely not. Driving too slowly is not the solution either. Such a style also poses dangers on the road:

  • When a driver moves significantly slower than the rest of the traffic, it can cause irritation and create a hindrance for other drivers.

  • This can lead to an increased risk of collisions, maneuvering, and dangerous overtaking.

  • Other vehicles may unexpectedly collide with a slow-moving vehicle, failing to notice its reduced speed. Therefore, vehicle speed control is particularly important on highways and other roads with high traffic volumes.

  • Driving too slowly can contribute to traffic congestion, elevate stress levels among drivers, and worsen overall road safety.

The rule of moderation is crucial in this case. The сar speed app allows you to set a maximum speed limit for your vehicle, ensuring that you stay within the bounds of the law and safety.